Emergency Care

In times of pet emergencies during regular business hours, please don't hesitate to call us immediately. Rest assured, emergencies always take precedence over routine procedures. Moreover, we have partnered with a local, fully staffed emergency center, ensuring 24/7 availability for your pet's urgent needs. For after-hours emergencies, we refer you to MedVet, located at 300 East Wilson Bridge Road, reachable at 614-846-5800. You can also find more information on their website: www.medvetohio.com.

While we hope never to encounter emergencies, it's prudent to plan for the unexpected. Consider what steps you'd take if your pet were suddenly unwell or injured. Do you know where to access critical care or hospitalization if required?

We understand the distressing nature of pet illnesses and injuries. When your beloved companion needs hospitalization or critical care, you want nothing but the highest level of attention. This is why we provide emergency and critical care veterinary services. Our team consists of dedicated, compassionate, and highly skilled professionals who prioritize delivering top-notch care to your pet.

Your pet holds a unique place in your family, offering companionship, joy, and unwavering affection. However, they rely on you for their daily needs and for handling unexpected situations. In times of crisis, our emergency and critical care experts are ready to support you. Our veterinarians and technical support staff collaborate on-site, equipped to respond to emergencies and critical care scenarios. Remember, quality veterinary assistance is always within reach if your pet faces an emergency.

Keep our contact number alongside your other emergency contacts, and feel free to call us at any hour.

pet Emergency Care
After Hours Emergency Care

For after-hours emergency care, we recommend the following facilities with 24-hour availability:

  • MedVet Medical and Cancer Centers on East Wilson Bridge Rd., reachable at (614) 846-5800, or on Renner Rd., reachable at (614) 870-0480.

  • Diley Hill Animal Emergency Center at (614) 829-5070.